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Finalist Terreno AT

Where are your tires leading you? Whether cruising down the highway or taking the road less traveled, let the Finalist Terreno A/T -  SUV/Light Truck All-Terrain (AT) Tire lead you there. The Finalist Terreno AT is an all-terrain tire designed to give you to give you that balance of a smooth, quiet highway ride while giving you additional traction off-road. The special formulated compound delivers superior wear and puncture resistance while the step down tread blocks with 3D siping strengthens the tread blocks while providing outstanding handling in both wet and dry conditions.  Sold exclusively on .

Finalist Terreno AT


    • Treadwear Warrant: 50,000 Mile                                              
    • Tire Type: SUV/Light Truck All-Terrain
    • Special tread compound & wide footprint enhance tread life and deliver excellent braking on wet & dry roads.
    • The new generation tread design with multiple sipes provides outstanding off-road traction.
    • Open shoulder grooves prevent hydroplaning with wet grip performance.
    • Jointless nylon band improves tread stiffness & uniformity to deliver high-speed stability  
    • Mud & Snow rated for All-Season Performance                      
    • It's reinforced sidewalls and blocks are suitable for extreme off-road conditions.
    • Elevate your veicle's appearance and performance with Finalist Tires. 
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