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Finalist UN108

Where are your tires leading you? Whether commuting around town or opening it up on the open road, let the Finalist UN108 - All-Season High Performance Tire lead you there. The Finalist UN108 is specifically engineered to deliver precision control and responsiveness in today’s performance cars while maintaining increased tread life. The asymmetrical tread design gives you the best of both wet and dry traction delivering excellent all season performance. The special formulated compound and optimized tread pitch design delivers a smooth and quiet ride. Sold exclusively at .

Finalist UN108


    • Treadwear Warranty: 40,000 Miles                                           
    • Tire Type: Car/SUV Performance
    • Asymmetrical tread design for delivering excellent performance
    • Optimized pitch design reduces noise to provide a comfortable and quiet ride
    • Precision control and responsiveness
    • Mud & Snow Rated for All-Season Performance            
    •  Blends dry, wet, and wintery traction for all year-round performance              
    • Enhances Stability in high-speed corning                                        
    • Silica compound provides superior traction rolling resistance                              
    • Elevate your vehicle's appearance and performances with Finalist Tires.
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